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DealerCRM has all the tools your store needs to put you in the driver’s seat!

Simplicity is key with DealerCRM. Streamline your efforts with workflows designed to bring customers back in, and reporting engineered to give you a crystal clear view of where your store stands.  

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My Day

Monitor your progress at every moment. We take the guesswork out of your follow up by letting you know which customers need to be contacted. My Day is the personal planner that keeps you organized and efficient.

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Simple. Smart. Intuitive. 

Live in the now with your Dashboard and get the bird’s eye view of what is really happening in your store. We refresh your data automatically so nothing falls through the cracks.


View your dealership history at every angle. Accessing your real-time data has never been easier. Our powerful reporting shows you where you have been and gives you insight on where you want to go.


The most reliable desking tool around. Multi-payment grids, customizable terms, and professional worksheets make desking deals a breeze. Speed and simplicity come together to help hold gross and improve CSI.


The one stop shop for all your marketing needs. In three simple steps you’ll narrow down your target market and get your message across in the communication method you choose. No need for third party companies when DealMagic has you covered!

Action Plans

Save time and effort. We will track your employees progress and apply the best sales approach. With Action Plans, DealerCRM lets you take the wheel to create winning workflows and increase sales.

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DealerCRM is a revolutionary way to use your data to connect with your customer. All customers are not created equal... Get the competitive edge, Schedule a free demo with a team member today!

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